4 Pasos para una Desinflamación Eficaz

Marzo 6 

STD Services

If you need testing and/or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases we're here for you. We provide some free services for low income people who qualify for the Family PACT program. This program also provides contraception.

Free Services

We provide a number of free services to low income people who qualify. Please call us to find out more about our free services.

Immigration Exams

We provide exams for the i693 immigration form.  Please call our office for information about what to bring to the exam.

DMV Commercial Driving Examinations

We provide the physical examination for truck drivers and bus drivers who need a Class A drivers license.

Covid 19 

We do in-person AND telemedicine consults. Some consultations are best evaluated in person, while others are done effectively by phone and video.